Pollution Control Measures

1. All realtime environmental parameters like AAQMS, EQMS, CEMS is connected to CPCB server for online monitoring.

2. Issue of fly ash for ash brick manufacturers

4. Cooling Towers,

5. Power Station has been designed on concept of “Zero Discharge” as a result 100% recirculation/ recycle of water and wastewater is being maintained.

7. Installation of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) including Ash Water Recirculation System (AWRS).

9. Implementation of Solid Waste Management Plan,( Under planning Stage)

10. Independent Environment Monitoring Group.

11. Green Belt Development, Afforestation and landscaping.

12. Campaigns for Environment consciousness.

13. Compliances with all legal and statutory requirements.

14. World Environment Day celebrated

15. Pledge for Environment Protection.

16. Environment Awareness march by KBUNL employees, CISF staff, School students, families living in township etc.