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3 years ago
I came so hard to this. I am a heterosexual female and her moaning, even though she got no pleasure from it, really turned me on.
Ned 3 years ago
I would love to have my ass pounded ,,,,, with a big cock in my mouth of course !!
3 years ago
She can fuck me all day i don't mind
maybi 3 years ago
This is extra fucking hot because she looks almost exactly like a mature woman I know that I fantasize about fucking.
Initially I wondered if she was a shemale because she's got silicone boobs and has had her lips and face worked on. I thought it would be SO hot to suck her and take her cock in my ass, but I later saw her yoga pants up into her pussy lips, so "no cock". She can still fuck me like this though!
Liz2021. 1 year ago
I do this this to my boyfriend.
Mmm 2 years ago
She so bad ass with it she good
3 years ago
I would. of done more then cum on her titis I would of got in that pussy
mr yazdan 3 years ago
love me shemale
1 year ago
She is a sexy little bitch and I would let her fuck me anytime she wants to and she can have her friends fuck me anytime they want to also
LRonHubby 1 year ago
Nobody gets to fuck her on tape. She's got standards you know. She doesn't want people to think she's a cheap little cock whore.